Galaxy Art Deco

“We are home of Indian handicraft artists”

Galaxy Art Deco is the hub of incredible Indian artisans who rejoice in their work and reflect the cultural essence of every asset. We are here to connect and provide the best B2B platform to the buyers and handicraft artists, who assure the quality of work and present their utmost products. We are the leading wholesalers and suppliers of hard goods and soft furnishings with most affordable amenities.

The platform of GAD started with few manufacturers of India, who came in contact with the founder Shuaib Mohammed at Paris trade fair MAISON&OBJET in 2007. He saw the remarkable attributes in the style of the handmade assets designed by Indian artists; he then decided to promote such work and bring it to a place, where the quality meets the quantity. Galaxy Art Deco has made a remarkable presence as a leading marketplace that deals online with the most challenging task of being the 1st exporters of furniture and home decor of its own kind. 

We have become a global export house and destination of India’s handmade art treasure. Our consistency in the work and rapid progression in the expansion allowed us to gain the trust of our nice client from around the globe. We have always delivered the high-quality products at the beck and call of our valuable clients across the world.

This is the prime reason behind the shining guise of GAD as we are always here to render the professional services with best customer support to our clients. We are also honored to provide all kinds of guidance and reverts that our clients need at any time.

We are committed to delivering the best our all range of products encompassing online furniture, lightings, jewelry, carpets, and gifts. Whether your taste leans towards the stylishly neutral and the bold or bright, you will be able to find something that suits your requirements. We strive to achieve excellence in our products, thus building a long-term relationship with our clients. We aim for the satisfaction of the most refined tastes of customers. Our products are beautifully handcrafted by our team of professionals, highly skilled, talented, creative craftsmen, artisans and designers based in Rajasthan, with decades of experience, having an ability to create any design as per the requirements of our clients. We create unique beauty premium furniture and can do customize any range of product as per your taste for bulk manufacturing.
The refined functionality, high-quality materials, and the unique designs make our products indispensable and lasting for the home furnishings. Our products are rigorously tested as a part of the development process to ensure that they meet the high-quality standards. We handpick each of the exquisite pieces as raw like bone, MDF, Brass, Rosewood/Sheesham wood, and Mango wood etc to ensure our customer has the highest quality products. 

"The essence of creating a perfect home starts with the passion for choosing right furniture and home accessories with right value for money." We value your aspirations for luxurious and artistic taste and envisage as the leading manufacturers and exporters of high-end furniture and home furnishings.

GAD was started with a vision to serve as a one stop shop for all home decorative items in the best prices to cater the clients, as suppliers to Interior designers, hotel projects, residential and commercial apartments etc. We as award winning suppliers of furniture and home decorative, stand apart from the crowd with our core business ethics and transparent services.

We meet business challenges innovatively and pride in our ears on the ground thus responding proactively to our customer's problems in current volatile markets. Our passion is to team up with our clients to search for solutions which helps us all to increase the bar next time around. Combining market knowledge with financial resources, we deliver flexible options for the entire gamut. With a backup of dedicated, enthusiastic staff and zeal to succeed, Galaxy Are Deco exercises its core capabilities in the fast-moving discipline of global commodity trading, blending trading knowledge with proper logistics support. We at Galaxy Art Deco provide highly competitive, transparent faster and professional services with worldwide delivery of furniture and Objet D'art."

Shuaib Mohammed Chief Executive Officer