Frequently Asked Questions

Explore a wide range of our products on our website and add the products you are interested in, to the cart. Then kindly fill in your requirements and contact details in the inquiry form. We would revert back to you within 48 hours. For any further details, contact us either on the telephone or by email.

No, we do not accept any retail orders. We are selling/exporting to the wholesalers and interior designers all over the world. The minimum quantity varies depending on the products. However, as a guiding rule, the minimum invoice value should not be less than $5000 (USD).

Yes. Depending on the products you order, we offer bespoke services where you can order your own style, design, pattern, color and dimension products as per your requirements. Our professional, experienced team of designers, craftsmen, and artisan make sure that your requirements are well taken care of.

All of our products are purely handmade under International Standards and the patterns are expertly handcrafted by our team of talented, highly skilled, professional artisans and craftsmen, making them stand alone unique, artistic and luxurious products.

All products are made under international quality control standards by using the authentic and pure base of metal, stone, organic or marble depending on the product. Our all products are tested and approved by the government bodies for high-quality.

We deal with all aspects of customized packaging including branding and labeling of the products or packing materials. Please select the product from our website and get in touch with us by email or phone to proceed further.

Yes, we would be delighted to provide our clients a factory visit to get their products reviewed or have a sample testing or quality check before their orders are being dispatched.

We are catering to a number of clients across the globe. Our services are highly reliable and delivering to any part of the world is completely safe and fast through renowned logistics companies.

Our shipment is completely safe and packing standards are of a very high quality to ensure no product is damaged. In any case, all products are insured to avoid any loss.

Our team thrives on perfection to ensure ultra-reliable and fastest delivery. If any instance of the wrong shipment is there, we would provide you a guaranteed replacement of the product at our own expenses.

We are at your beck and call and have all information and necessary details on our website about our company, products, and sales. In any case please feel free to call us, use the chat feature on our website to instantly connect or write an email to us.

1. Normally one container order needs 45 - 90 days for the processing, packaging, labeling, final inspection by the buyer or their agents (if any).

2. Transportation duration including customs clearance varies depending on the sea lines and destination. The approximate duration of the below popular destinations is:

West European main port: 27 days

The UK and Western Europe: 25 days

France: 40 days

Middle East: 20 - 25 days

Australia: 20-25 days

Dublin: 35days

South East Asia: 20 days

Western coast of America: about 18 days

Eastern coast of America: about 30 days

To know about other destinations, please email us.